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Society needs art and culture. For the cultural and creative scene to flourish, artists must be free and economically stable. Come change the education for creative artists with us!

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Creativity Competence Framework For cultural and creative industries

The Creative Competence Frameeork for Cultural and Creative Industries will be developed with reference to EntreComp(EC,2016) framework. With the help of the needs analysis done in the preliminary phase of the output, relevant competencies will be determined out of the 15 competencies that EntreComp introduces.Doing this, cultural and creative adults abilities will be of great value. The curriculum that will be developed as the educational content of O3/OOC will address 3 areas of the EntreComp: (EC, 2016) to improve citizens’ entrepreneurship.Engaging adult learners can be quite challenging especially when the conditions are not right.It is a powerful toolbox that can help you improve your training. And since adult learners are such a diverse group, it’s important to know their specifics, challenges, and design the learning experience according to their needs.


Self-assessment and recommendation tool for creative entrepreneurship

Self-assessment and recommendation tool will provide educators with an overview of adults’ cultural and creative entrepreneurship competences in line with the EntreComp Framework. It will highlight the competences in which they are strong and motivate them to work to improve their digital skills.The content will be adapted from EntreComp.


Open Online Course for educators

A Multilingual e-learning platform , with innovative e-learning courses and OOC on cultural and creative entrepreneurship competences for educators working with adults will be developed.The educational content of it will be developed with reference to the Curriculum. Online courses will aim at facilitating that trainers acquire the necessary skills and knowledge.

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Our consortium

The project takes place in 6 European countries under the auspices of the Erasmus+ programme. This allows us to draw on foreign experience and take full advantage of pan-European cooperation.

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